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Santa Catarina Private Condominium 
Santa Catarina Private Condominium distinguished with the Valmor and Municipal Architecture Award
Santa Catarina 26 
Inland Group launches Santa Catarina 26
Inland Group launches Santa Catarina 26

The Inland Group, a specialist in property development and part of the holding company Promovalor, has just completed renovation works for the property on Santa Catarina 26 with nine apartments. This is the Group’s second investment in urban renovation, after their success in redeveloping the Santa Catarina Private Condominium.

Located on Rua do Sol a Santa Catarina, the project breathes new life into this historical neighbourhood, which is situated next to Chiado. Santa Catarina 26 features one T1 apartment and seven T2 apartments in the main building, as well as one T1 apartment with independent access. It is now possible to visit the apartments.

Designed by architect Lara Matos, the concept of this intervention is the result of an attempt to retain the spirit of the building and some of its most characteristic architectural features. The existing facades have been maintained whilst the apartment interiors have been modified, to be geared towards modern lifestyles. In this way, the apartments display an aesthetic unity that is coherent and harmonious in form, with a mix of traditional and contemporary elements. The small social divisions have given way to larger spaces which enable us to see more of the entire apartment and what it has to offer. Maintaining the necessary separation between social and private space, these apartments now offer a much greater dimension than in their initial composition and organisation.
Quinta Do Aqueduto 
Inland Group Inaugurates Quinta do Aqueduto
Santa Catarina Quarter 
Where the Past meets the present
People&Business 07.06.2011
Inland Group celebrates 10th Anniversary and presents Holding Promovalor
Inland Group 
Inland Group celebrates 10 years
Santa Catarina Private Condominium 
"Open Studios" Finissage
Quinta do Aqueduto 
Development of Quinta do Aqueduto
Inland Group 
Inland Roulotte in Exhibition
Santa Catarina Private Condominium 
Best Development of the Year
Santa Catarina Private Condominium 
Santa Catarina Discover More
People&Business 01.01.2010
Santa Catarina Private Condominium 
Santa Catarina Inauguration
Art’s Business & Hotel Centre 
Inland Group sells Art´s
Santa Catarina Private Condominium 
Santa Catarina Promotion
Essential 23.07.2008
Verdelago Resort 
Inland Group present in FITUR 2008
Verdelago Resort 
Project of National Interest
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